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Hello Phuket!

And to get you started, I want to tell you a little bit about us.
We are NOVA Computer Academy. International training center.
We have 198 branches in 22 countries.
We have been teaching since 1999. We have over 250,000 students. We currently have over 72,000 students.

We teach adults programming, design, website and mobile application development. Anyone from 15 to 55 years old can master a new profession in IT!

For children we have two main directions, which we are very proud of, because this training program has become the best in the world "to prepare children for the future" according to the UN and UNESCO. 
Our admission specialists will help you choose the best direction, depending on the age and level of preparation of the child "Junior Academy" or "The First Step". 
During the curriculum children will study: robotics, programming, Photoshop, 2-D and 3-D game development, illustrator, drawing on a graphics tablet, 3-D modeling and printing on a 3-D printer, augmented and virtual reality, computer game development and more than 20 different modern technologies. By mastering them your child at an early age will be able to choose the most appropriate direction for the future profession.

Academy opening in Phuket is very soon - May 2023!
The number of places is limited!
For 2023 there are only 150 available.
Take this important step, for yourself or your child's future!

Opening soon!
Academy opening in Phuket very soon - May 2023! The number of seats is limited! There are only 150 spots available for 2023.

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